What is Lifestyle Family Photography?

NJ Lifestyle Family Photography with Abigail Gingerale

By now, if you follow any photographers in your area or get family photos done every year you might have heard the term “Lifestyle Photography”. This term can mean different things to different photographers, so I wanted to give you all the rundown on what it means to us here at Abigail Gingerale Photography!

Lifestyle photography originated from photoshoots that capture your lifestyle as a family. Sometimes, at traditional family photoshoots, there is a lack of personality and uniqueness, which we know each individual family DEFINITELY has!

With lifestyle photography, we want to bring out the natural interactions between each family member so that we can accurately preserve your special family memories!

Summer family photoshoot ideas
summer family lifestyle session new jersey family photographer

When I think about the photos that I have of my family growing up, the ones that stick out to me are not the ones that are taken in a studio, posed and all looking at the camera.

My memories were captured in the photos where my siblings and I were lined up on a big animal statue at the franklin institute. Or my 5th (and all-time favorite) birthday, on Easter where my siblings are all around me. They surprised me with a bunny ice cream cake. I can still feel how I felt when I had just opened my eyes. I was really excited to eat that cake!

I saw how much my siblings loved me and how much joy there was. When I look back at those photos, I remember the chaos, the NOISE and the overwhelming love and support of each of my family members.

summer family lifestyle session new jersey family photography
summer family lifestyle session new jersey family photography

That’s what I want MY daughter to remember when she grows up. I want her to remember the times we laughed when we were being goofy, and the times that we got to play dress up for photos with dad. I want her to FEEL the love and joy through the photos that we take as a family.

The memories that I DON’T want her to create are the stressed out ones of us trying to get her to sit still and look at the camera. I don’t want her to think back and say “Every time we had family photos taken it was the WORST day ever…” because when she looks back on family photos of us, that is all she’ll see. I know that you guys want those same things, and this is why Lifestyle Family photoshoots are SO important.

Fresh 48 Lifestyle Family Photos
Fresh 48 Family Photo Session

It is the most important work that we can do, constantly showing our little humans that they are LOVED and VALUED. It’s also so important for us as parents to see the unconditional love that our kids offer back up to us in return. Parenting is SO hard, and when we’re able to look back on memories that are real, that make us laugh, and that make us FEEL something, it makes it a little easier to get through the day.

When you are looking to plan your photoshoot, think of things that you all love to do together, or even individually! Incorporate them into your shoot so that not only is everyone entertained, but it will create new memories for you to look back one.

beach family lifestyle session new jersey family photographer
beach family lifestyle session new jersey family photographer

NOW my daughter says  “Hey, remember that time when we got to go play games on the boardwalk and I got to get the biggest ice cream Sunday that they had?” and “My favorite time with my mom and dad are when I get to bring MY camera, and I get to pose them and take pictures of THEM!”

She now has photo proof of the real essence of our family. Impromptu silliness, joy spreading infectiously, and our love for each other conquering all.

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