Abigail and I have been looking for a new solution for USB boxes, our final delivered product for our wedding clients. When we finish editing, all of the pictures we edit, are loaded onto a personalized USB drive, package it all nicely in a personalized cardboard box. We felt that the cardboard box wasn’t serving our brand well anymore, so we decided to find something else.

Abigail’s brother, Noah, went to school for carpentry. He worked for a company that built frames. He had built up quite the tool collection and started tinkering around in this workshop, on a regular basis. We asked him to build us a sample box, and we’d see if it worked. So about a week later, he came back to us with his sample. It was awesome! So we put in a order for 25 USB boxes. So I decided to head over to his workshop to see the process from start to finish, to see what went into building one of these hand-crafted, wooden oak boxes. Here are a few pictures of my time with him.





Noah took me through the process, from start to finish. From what wood he chose for the sides, bottom and top, to what tools he used, right down to the glue and hardware he used. Noah has an exceptional eye for detail and is very patient with all of his tools and materials. He explained to me what saw blades he used, and why they were the best. He also showed me how to position the blade, and how he moved the blade through the wood, as to not damage the wood when he cut. He also told me a pretty gruesome/awesome story about how he put a nail through his finger with the pneumatic nail gun. Ouch, I would’ve screamed, haha.




Noah also mades a few canvas frames for me as well. We print our own canvases here, but needed to order the parts for the frame. Luckily, Noah has worked for a company who made frames like this before, so this was an easy task.



The USB boxes came out amazing! Noah is a true craftsman, and has a lot of passion for what he does. Thanks Noah! Abigail will be adding the couple’s initials to the boxes and then they will be stained. We can’t wait to show our clients these awesome USB boxes!

Interested in seeing more of Noah’s work and purchasing some of his products? Click here to visit his Etsy page!