Brianna's Wedding Experience

Guest Blog by our Bride from The Tyler Arboretum, Media, PA

Brianna’s Wedding Experience – Tyler Arboretum, Media, PA

Brianna and Gabe’s April wedding at the Tyler Arboretum in Media, PA was so pretty. Brianna recently left us this review about her experience with us:

Where to start…well Abigail and Andy are absolutely amazing! We had the pleasure of booking them for our wedding, an engagement shoot and a spontaneous boudoir shoot. My Now husband and I are incredibly awkward and were so nervous about our first shoot with Andy and Abi, unfortunately Andy was not able to make it to the engagement shoot but Abi totally rocked it.

We ended up going to New Hope with our dog and we got so many awesome photos. Abi totally put us at ease and after the first few photos and poses we felt like models. She has us laughing the entire time and just really made it a fun experience. We actually ended up going to two different locations (a friend of ours owns a brewery) and she was totally flexible and awesome.

Flash forward 8 months and our wedding at the Tyler Arboretum was here. I was in my room getting ready with all of my bridesmaids and family when Andy, Abi and their assistant Noah arrive. They came in and were set up and ready to go so quickly it was amazing. Andy got a bunch of awesome photos of me getting my makeup done while Abi and Noah set up my dress and took photos of that.

After the initial rush we got a minute to sit and talk before Andy whisked Noah off to the groom’s room to get photos of them getting ready. Gabe said that Andy was so much fun and really put him at ease as well. Andy was able to get a bunch of really awesome photos of Gabe while he was getting ready. From what I’ve heard they had an awesome time talking about bourbon and being boys. 

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The girls and I were having so much fun with Abi when we realized that we still had about 45 before we needed to get on the shuttle. Here is where my spontaneous boudoir shoot happened. My Maid of honor had done one in the past and her and Abi had been trying to convince me to do one for quite some time. We had time and I couldn’t see a way to get out of it (nor do I think they would’ve let me get out of it) and honestly, I’m really glad I did it. Again, I was so nervous and Abi put me right at ease it was so much fun and when we got a chance to actually see the photos it just proved that that they were right to push me to do it (no matter how pouty I was about it).

When we arrived at the Tyler Arboretum and started to take photos together it just reinforced that hiring Andy and Abi was a great idea. They were so awesome with our family and wedding party and their assistant Noah was a riot. We had so much fun with them all day and would hire them 1000 times over. 

Their attention to detail is like no other (Gabe had some dust or dirt on his suit and Andy came flying out of nowhere to dust it off before they took a photo) and they will do whatever they need to do to get the shot. At one-point Abi was actually climbing into a tree to get a photo during the ceremony! It was amazing. Their artistic eye is also amazing, its why we hired them.

We LOVE the photos they take, do yourself a favor and listen to what they say. You might think it’s going to look weird, or you might be in an uncomfortable position (like laying on a bench) but please don’t question their ability to see something you can’t. You will not be disappointed!! Hire Abigale Gingerale Photography you will not regret it!

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Tyler arboretum, Media, PA
Tyler arboretum Pa wedding venue
Tyler arboretum, Media, PA
Tyler Arboretum Pa Wedding Venue
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