Top Tips from a Certified Wedding Planner

Guest Blog by – Billie, Best Day Ever Event Planning

Congratulations on your engagement!


You are beginning the process of planning your wedding and finding out just how much goes into making it to “I do”.  It can be quite overwhelming.  Many don’t know where to start.

My top ten practical tips are listed below, but listen to me…. The most important thing you can do while planning your wedding is to focus on your marriage.  Never lose sight of what you are celebrating and everything will be perfect!


Tip #10:

Know your budget, then back into your guest count.  It doesn’t work the other way around!


Tip #9:

Schedule in wedding planning time each week so that it doesn’t take up every available hour of your engagement. Enjoy your engagement!


Tip #8:

Learn which flowers are in season around your wedding date for big savings to your budget.

new jersey wedding planner
new jersey wedding planner

Tip #7:

Ask for sentimental input from family members and promise to incorporate as much as you can. Doing so may help lessen some of the unsolicited design and logistical suggestions.


Tip #6:

Once you’ve picked your wedding theme and color palette, step away from Pinterest. No need to see the latest wedding trends once you’ve settled your design plans. It’ll only leave you confused and second guessing your decisions… plus it can make for a hodge-podge design.  It’s better to stick with one theme than have all the latest trends comingled.


Tip #5:

Don’t underestimate the time it’ll take to DIY wedding invitations. Invitations tend to be the most stressful task for brides. Even after you purchase your invitation suite, there are hours left to assemble, address, stamp and mail.  Consider outsourcing this task.

wedding day planning
wedding day planning

Tip #4:

Insist on meeting with YOUR DJ & MC before the wedding day. The entertainment company you choose is essential to making your day the Best Day Ever. Be sure the team fits your style.


Tip #3:

Always have a back-up plan in case of inclement weather. If your ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception is to be outdoors, regardless of the season, have a back-up plan. No one wants to be making a last minute decision when a little gray storm cloud appears.


Tip #2:

Consider Lighting when choosing your venue and getting ready locations. Natural light is best. Your pictures will last a lifetime so put your photographer in the best situation to get you the best photos.

Day of wedding planner
Day of wedding planner

Tip # 1:

Hire a wedding planner! You’re too busy to go it alone. The tips that planners can provide, the peace of mind we bring, as well as the savings we seek to find more than pay for our fees in the wedding planning process.


Best Day Ever would be honored to help walk you through the planning process and send you down the aisle.  We have planning packages for every need and every budget from the “Serenity” of our full planning package down to the day-of coordination to ensure “Perfect Timing”.  I look forward to hearing from you at or 609-668-0310.


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Top Tips from a certified wedding planner
Top Tips from a certified wedding planner

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