Tips for Choosing your Wedding Flowers

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Wedding décor and florals should be one the most fun parts of planning your big day, though we have to admit, it’s not as simple as picking a particular shade of color and requesting them in your favorite flower.

Do your homework

Research florists before you make appointments to meet. Check out their websites, social media, work, and really see if their style is a fit for you. Also, come to the meeting prepared. Find some pictures, even if it’s only a picture of a bouquet or an arch. One picture can inspire an entire wedding look. As a designer, it takes one picture for us to really understand the direction of the style you’re going for.

Wedding Flowers by The Manic Botanic
Wedding Flowers by The Manic Botanic

Flowers come in different colors and have look a likes

Nowadays, as florists, we can get our hands on many different varieties and colors of flowers from all over the world. If there is a flower you absolutely love and is out of season, chances are, we can substitute it with something that looks extremely similar. For example, peonies. Everyone loves peonies and wishes they can have them outside of May-June, but a garden rose is a gorgeous substitute with a beautiful scent. The seasonality of flowers has changed and continues to change yearly.

Florals are a big part of your budget

Some couples have a tendency to cut the florals first thinking that the décor isn’t as important as the food or music, etc. At the end of the day, the flowers and the décor set the ambience of the overall experience. The average floral budget is about 10-15% of your total wedding cost. There is more to the floral budget than just the actual cost of the flowers. There is labor, rentals, delivery, set up, break down, and most importantly, design.

Designing Wedding Flowers
Designing Wedding Flowers


When a florist sends you a proposal, have a follow up conversation. Most people don’t know what flowers cost so if the proposal is more than you budgeted for, be vocal with your florist, but also be realistic. He/she just priced out what you asked for and more than likely will give you ideas or options to bring the cost down. It’s important to be open about your budget so you can work together to keep all costs within your budget.

Reuse and Repurpose

If you’re on a tighter budget don’t be afraid to ask your florist about ways to multiuse your décor. For example, you can reuse flowers from your ceremony into your reception, or lanterns down the aisle on reception tables with additional flowers. There are multiple ways to keep costs down while still achieving a beautiful wedding look.

Top Tips for your Wedding flowers
Top Tips for your Wedding flowers

We, at The Manic Botanic, strive to educate our couples on the cost of flowers, seasonality, what our services include, overall amazing service, and beautiful work. We believe our greatest work is done when we have an exceptional bond with our couples and they trust us to deliver our designers best. We have been delivering our best for 15 years and we are looking forward to many more!


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Top Tips for choosing your Wedding flowers

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