I’m feeling really thankful tonight/this morning. As I sit here backing up memory cards from today’s wedding, I think back to where our business was just one year ago. The many, MANY nights Abigail and I lay in bed and dream that we would be able to do what we are doing this very moment. It felt so far away, almost unreachable. Supporting ourselves with our business. I have to poke myself from time to time to make sure I’m not still dreaming.

I spent these past few days running around SO busy, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I’m blown away by the amount of bookings we’ve seen lately. And I’m honored. I’m honored that people would trust us to photograph them. Our product is so much more than just pictures. They’re memories, cherished ones. We provide such an emotional product, and I’m truly honored that people out there trust us enough to allow us to photograph them.

I’m incredibly thankful for our assistants Heather, Jen and Melissa, who have stepped up big time and gave us the opportunity to focus on our clients 100% on their wedding day. We treat our clients like we would our own family and you guys embody the type of service we aim to provide.

I’m incredibly thankful to our family. Abigail’s parents, Kelly and Jeff, and my parents, Jennifer, Erik and Jeremy and my grandmother Carolyn who have time and time again watched Lucy during shoots, weddings, client meetings, networking events and everything else under the sun.

I’m incredibly thankful for our amazing clients. We have made some wonderful friendships with the people who’ve hired us to photograph them. I’m more than honored to call our clients our friends. Thank you.

I’m so totally incredibly and amazingly thankful for my wife. None of this would have been possible without you. We started this business for you, to have a creative outlet and a career that you would love. It’s grown into something so big, that I have grown to love and adore what we do. You have lit a fire in me, to be my absolute best, every day. Thank you for supporting me through my trials and tribulations and putting up with my business speak, that never seems to end. You’re an amazing business partner, wife and friend.