“Some people are worth melting for.” -Olaf, Frozen

When Andy and I first started dating, we would spend a ton of time outside. We would lay on his car, watch the clouds (we’re cheesy, sorry not sorry) and he would tell me what types of clouds they were. Weather and meteorology have always interested him. I will know about any upcoming thunderstorm or snowstorm before anyone else does because of this. It definitely comes in handy when part of your business is being outside with clients. When I wake up on the day of a shoot our conversations look like this:

Me: What’s the weather like today for my shoot?

Andy: (Immediately without having to check his phone because he’s already looked up the weather for the day) It will be 40 degrees, and partly cloudy for most of the day, you should tell your clients to bring a sweater. But if THIS *points to some radar* model is correct, the skies should clear part way through.

I could just ask Siri, but this is way more fun.

With all of that being said, we knew snowstorm Jonas was coming, and that it was going to be big. We instantly yelled “SNOWSTORM PHOTOSHOOT!” and I put a status out on Facebook looking for some couples to photograph. We had a lot of people interested but not everyone wanted to trek out in the snow. We convinced our friends Mel and Brian to drive all the way from Phoenixville, PA to come brave the storm with us. We headed into Main street in Allentown and it was AWESOME. We started shooting about a half hour after it had started snowing and before the roads were too horrible to drive on. After Mel and Brian’s shoot, we had our friends Perri and Patrick head over. They got married last Friday, so we were ecstatic to see them show up in their wedding outfits! Allentown was the perfect setting for the pictures; it’s so serene at night, especially during the blizzard.

AND_9930 CAP_3249 CAP_3268 CAP_3324 CAP_3328 CAP_3420 CAP_3445 CAP_3475 CAP_3536

After we slid down the street to get home, we got a call from our friends Ellen (from The Green Lace Lion!) and Jacob. They asked if we were in town still taking pictures, and said they would love to join us. We, of course, said YES! (Because we have issues and can’t stop taking pictures.) So, naturally, we headed back outside in our neighborhood and engaged in some more blizzard fun. All I can say is: HOLY MOLY, these pictures are my favorite snow pictures ever.

CAP_3586 CAP_3593 CAP_3599 CAP_3630 CAP_3679


Thank you to Brian and Mel, Perri and Patrick, and Ellen and Jacob for being such troopers in the snow! Shout out to Heavenly Havens Creamery for giving us a place to warm up in between shoots even though they were cleaning up and closing. Be safe out there in the snow everyone!