Why you Should Order Invitations with a Pro Designer

Guest Blog by Melissa Nini, Cupcake Graphics, Allentown, NJ

Why ordering your invitations through a professional designer versus online is the better way to go – New Jersey Wedding Designer

If you’ve started the wedding invitation search, you’re probably a bit overwhelmed.  You started your search online, but can’t quite find what you’re looking for.  You’ve searched to the point of confusion.  You’re asking yourself questions like: “How many invitations do I actually need?”, “Is it wrong to include my registry information?”, “How do I word the main invitation so that I am following correct etiquette?”, and so on.  The questions begin to pile and you have officially raised your white flag and admitted that seeking out a wedding invite specialist, in person, is probably the better idea.

And you know what, you are absolutely correct! I am biased, of course, but we really do save you from added stress and bridal headaches.  Not to mention, we can save you money!  Yup, I said it…SAVE you money, and your super valuable time.  You would be shocked at how many brides have come to me in a panic after trying to do their own wedding invitations or purchasing them online and end up having to pay for their invitations twice! Don’t find yourself in that same sinking bridal boat, just do yourself a huge favor and seek out a professional.

We’ve outlined just some of the many benefits of hiring a wedding invitation specialist below…

wedding invitation
wedding invitations

We provide direction on how to word your entire invitation suite. 

There is so much etiquette involved in how you word your main invitation based off of who is contributing to the wedding.  At Cupcake Graphics, we give all our brides a lengthy PDF document explaining various situations and the best way to word each scenario with a few renditions to choose from.  We have religious versus non-religious offerings and traditional versus non-traditional.  For example, did you know if you are not getting married in a house of worship “request the honor of your presence” should not be used.  Instead “the pleasure of your company” should?  Having said that, if you really want to use the more formal wording and are not getting in a house of worship, we will do as you please.  Our job is just to let you know and then you can decide how you want to move forward.

We grant answers to all your burning “How do I address this envelope” questions.

How do you address an envelope to Sue and John when Sue is the doctor and John is not?  Or how about your great Aunt Joan who hyphenated her last name and recently got divorced?  Well wouldn’t you know Cupcake Graphics has another handy-dandy PDF that outlines almost every type of situation when it comes to address your mailing envelopes. This will save you hours of Googling your questions and not knowing for sure if the answers you’re receiving are correct.

New Jersey wedding designer
Designing Wedding Flowers

We offer guidance and reminders on proper timelines. 

One of the first items we talk about in your consultation (before we get into the fun stuff) is a desired timeline. Together, we figure out what your desired mail date should be and the best RSVP date as well.  Each timeline is unique to each client depending on the type of wedding your having (local or destination) and if you are inviting a lot of out of towners.  We keep you on top of your desired timelines and make sure deadlines are met so you aren’t sending out invitations last minute.

We provide advice on how to distinguish between your “must have’s” versus your “nice-to-have’s”. 

A professional designer can shed light on how many additional inserts are necessary and what printing technique, embellishments and paper stocks are best for your budget.  Sure, you may want that super silky ribbon and engraved printing technique, but did you know satin ribbon is more than half the price and thermography printing gives you the same effect as engraving at less than half the price as well?

New Jersey wedding designer
New Jersey wedding designer

Together, we create an inspired and personable experience and invitation. 

At our consultations, we have so much fun.  We create an enjoyable, memorable experience filled with laughs and all kinds of samples, textures, color swatches and creative ideas are bouncing off the walls.  Having gone through the wedding planning process myself, I understand how important those experiences are.  You only get married once (hopefully) so why not make the most of it?  Making a day out of creating your very own personalized invitation, with a glass of champagne in hand, some of your favorite people with you, chocolates at your fingertips and endless invitation options right in front of you sounds so much better to me than sitting behind a computer screen scrolling through templates.  Agreed?

So…having said all of this, an invite specialist is not for everyone.  If you are completely okay with purchasing a template online that was used for someone else’s wedding and aren’t a stickler for quality, personalization and being “etiquettely correct” then purchasing your invitations online may be just right for you.  You have to decide what type of couple you are.

Cupcake Couples understand that first impressions matter.  They want the first impression of their wedding day to tell the fabulous story of what’s to come.  Cupcake Couples want their invitation to excite their wedding guests.  They want to be “etiquettely” correct and they certainly find value in a seasoned wedding stationer which they can use as a constant resource to answer all those questions they could spend hours googling.  Our consultations are complimentary so we hope you take advantage of our offering.  We guarantee you will have a fabulous time creating art that tells your love story.


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Blog written by Melissa Nini, Cupcake Graphics, www.Cupcake-Graphics.com New Jersey Wedding Designer

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