I’m going to be very real with you guys for a minute. Ever since we got into this crazy amazing business, we’ve been DYING to do a firehouse session. There are so many cool photo ideas that involve a fire truck, you might not believe it. This type of session is not just for any couple. In order for this to be perfect we had to find the right type of people.

And then Marimah and Dutch found us.




I met with these two love birds early one morning for a wedding consult and we immediately hit it off. We talked about the important aspects of their big day, like the firehouse and her family’s church. I could just tell how much thought they put into everything and in keeping it unique. So naturally, we wanted to do their engagement pictures at the firehouse!

CAP_0590 CAP_0587

On the morning of their shoot Andy and I were so excited. On our way we got a call from Marimah telling us that we might not be able to use the firehouse. We were so SO sad, but we knew we could make something work. When we got there it turned out that we had PLENTY of time to get whatever shots we needed and we had an awesome time. We climbed on trucks and laughed the whole day. It was so much FUN. After the firehouse we headed over to a local park and got some fun but SUPER chilly shots. They were troopers through the whole thing! By the end of the shoot I felt like we had known them for years.

AND_9542 AND_9597 CAP_0504 (1) CAP_0395

Marimah and Dutch, thank you guys so much for having us be a part of this special time. Andy and I are SO excited to shoot you wedding this year. I imagine it will involve fire trucks and tons of laughter… Stay tuned everyone!

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