For those of you who don’t know, Andy and I added two little fur babies to our family back in September! Amelia and Melody (props to you if you know where these names come from!) are our little sister chinchillas and they are the cutest fluff balls under the sun! Amelia is all black and Melody is a dark grey, and their favorite thing to do is surf the walls! We had to find a vet because Amelia had a little rash, and they needed a general check up after we got them. Andy knew of Dr. Horn and his office at the Veterinary Care Clinic  in Hamilton Nj because he took his other chinchilla there years ago!

After they had a check up, the office manager Stacy called us with a great idea! She heard that we were photographers and wanted to know if we wanted to set up pet sessions for the holidays, and all the proceeds would go towards charity! Of course, we said yes because playing with animals all day just sounded like way too much fun. We got to work to set up the day and had a great time working with the staff! Overall we had 18 sessions, about 25 animals, and endless excitement for all the money we were raising!

My favorite part of the day came when Dr. Horn would come out into the waiting room to say hello to everyone in between appointments. He would tell everyone “Alright, it is an extra $5 if you want me in the picture…BUT, if you DON’T want me in the picture, that’s another $85…” Sure enough we had someone make him get in the shot and we got the most hilarious picture ever. We even got him to put antler ears on (the dog, AND Dr. Horn)!

I’d like to thank everyone who came out to support the animal shelter, and for the amazing staff at the Veterinary Care Clinic for being just AWESOME. Look out next year for some more fun pet portraits! Here are some of our favorite shots of the day!