“I love her, and that’s the beginning and end of everything.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Tricia exudes style and Chris have the coolest mustache/beard combo ever, so it’s no surprise that their wedding was just as awesome. We met them one day long long ago (at least it feels like it was forever ago!) and Trish told us about how she had started collecting old antique china for her place settings for their wedding which would be held on Chris’ parent’s estate, Magnolia Hill. I thought that was the coolest, most unique, wedding idea ever. We truly loved seeing how their personalities shine through all of their details!

Chris and Trish got married back in March for a sweet ceremony that ended in a trip to the brewery! They bought a house, turned it into a home, and had the sweetest little boy in town all in a short amount of time. Their little family is full of love and we were so excited to be able to be a part of their big day.

When we got to Magnolia Hill, the girls were all upstairs with baby Jamison getting ready. Trish had laid all of the girls jewelry down for the girls to choose from and they all had on the prettiest robes. Chris was downstairs with his family running around and getting everything ready because they had done everything themselves. Chris even brewed his OWN beer. HOW COOL?! We hid Chris away for a few minutes to hang Tricia’s dress outside but the old door entrance that the made. It was a perfect spot for her Ivory lace long sleeved dress.

After we walked around and took pictures of al of their amazing hand made details, we hid the bride away. They had the sweetest vow renewal and the family dogs participated. Those puppies DEFINITEYL wanted their picture taken ;).


After the ceremony we headed over to their antique Chevy Apachi for family portraits! I’m dead serious, they HAD A VINTAGE TRUCK. A blue one. Basically the greatest photo prop EVER. And they were like “Hey look, we can take pictures here if you want…”

UHM of course I want to!

We took their portraits around their stunning property and had a great time visiting with all of their family! After cocktail hour ended, Chris hooked up the keg with his beer in it and then the party REALLY started. They had the first dances, speeches and toasts, but my favorite part was the mother son dance. This wasn’t the dance for the groom and his mother, but the dance for the bride and her little one. Everyone laughed and smiled and there was an abundance of happy tears, specially when Chris joined in and dance with them.

I love the deep purples and reds in Tricia’s flowers. They complimented the decor so well, and even perfectly matched Trish’s lipstick! The lace and burlap around the stems added the best rustic touch.

Every detail on these tables were searched for and hand picked by Trish and Chris and their family. It may have taken them forever to find everything, but it was SO worth it. I mean, look at these place settings!

I love this ring shot, their rings look dazzling AND the retro Chevy sign completes it.

We can’t forget to mention this HUGE candy bar! I might have eaten a few Reese’s before I left…

These window sill seating charts were flawlessly written and such a nice alternative to the traditional seating chart!

This cake. Those flowers! A stunning job on the EDIBLE, yes you read that right – EDIBLE Flowers by Trish’s mom! I couldn’t even tell they were fake until someone pointed it out!

The rest of the night was a whirlwind of dancing, laughing and delicious food and beer. All of their family made everyone feel so overwhelmingly welcome and it was clear that everyone had a ton of fun. It has been so amazing to see the little family that Trish and Chris have built together and be able to be there to capture it all. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your big day!


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