Brittany and Andrew’s Rustic Wedding // John James Audubon Center

I have been anxiously awaiting Brittany and Andrew’s wedding for…well…since I met them. I met Brittany almost 4 years ago when I started working as a server at a local restaurant. The first time I met Brittany she greeted me with a huge smile and was so easy to talk to, we became friends immediately. At the time Brittany and Andrew were expecting a little girl, so we always got together and talked about cute baby tutus, and how our babies never slept. Being friends with Brittany meant I always had a friend to run to at the restaurant.

When Brittany got engaged and asked me to photograph her wedding I nearly freaked, I was so excited. I was SO happy for Brittany and Andrew and their little family! We set up their package and shot their save the date pictures with Gianna, who is the cutest little girl ever.

When their big day rolled around I was still feeling super exhausted from my surgery but I was certainly NOT missing their big day. Thankfully we had a wonderful team to help me get though the day so that I could focus on Brittany and Andrew completely! We started off at Brittany’s house where we got pictures of all the girls getting ready. I loved watching Gianna get ready, she was so excited to party and see her BFF Nicolas (the ring bearer). Andy headed over to the guys to get pictures of Andrew and his guys getting ready at the hotel near the venue. Right before we headed to the venue we were able to get some special mommy-daughter pictures of Gianna and Brittany. I love the way Gianna makes her mommy smile!

ABI_6985 AND_3279 AND_3509AND_3468 ABI_7236 ABI_7308 ABI_7040

After we arrived at the John James Audubon Center, Brittany got into her dress and we were able to get some separate bridal party portraits. The grounds were beautiful and made for a perfect backdrop. Andrew and the guys hung out in the amazing barn and we got some really cool shots of them all together.

DSC_2085AND_3684 ABI_7598 ABI_7754 ABI_7759 ABI_7687 ABI_7718 ABI_7559

The Ceremony was absolutely beautiful and charming. Brittany and Andrew wrote their own vows and they had everyone laughing and crying. Their little Gianna looked on with the biggest smiles as she watched her mommy and daddy closely. FINALLY, they were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Grimm and they walked back up the isle with Gianna in their hands.

AND_3772DSC_2279 DSC_2213 AND_3898 ABI_8003

After I wiped the happy tears from my face, we headed off to get some portraits so that they could get into the cocktail hour for some food! They had a tiny little Screech owl greeting people for the cocktail hour and I just about DIED.


Everyone needs an owl at their wedding, just my opinion though…

AND_4025DSC_2955ABI_8643 ABI_8599 ABI_8529 ABI_8492 ABI_8393 ABI_8283

After the cocktail hour we headed into the reception and the sun was perfectly golden on the horizon. They started their first dances and everyone sang along. The tables were filled with glistening sunflowers and then all of a sudden the walls of windows lifted up so we could feel the breeze through the entire building. Everyone was up on the dance floor the entire night and miss Gianna had a special treat for everyone.


Nana (Brittany’s mom) grabbed the microphone and Gianna started to sing You Are My Sunshine to her parents. She got nervous and turned her back on the crowd and stopped singing. Her mom, dad and Nana started singing, and everyone joined it. Nicolas was right at her side to comfort her, like any true friend would be. She mustered up the courage to sing the song all by herself. It was such a special moment and there was seriously not a dry eye in entire building. This was my favorite part of the entire day.

DSC_2723 DSC_2733 DSC_2725 AND_4548

During the rest of the reception every single person was on the dance floor and everyone clearly had an amazing time. We headed out one last time to capture some  night time shots of Brittany and Andrew. These are some of my favorite from their entire day!

DSC_4883-2 DSC_4883 DSC_4860 DSC_4822

Thank you Brittany and Andrew for picking us to capture your perfect day. We had such an amazing time and I am so happy for you guys.

“She found her lobster!” –Phoebe, Friends

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