“Hold hands. That’s what you’re meant to do. Keep doing that and don’t let go. That’s the secret.” -The Doctor

Aryn and Evan’s Wedding at Triumph Brewing Company, Princeton, NJ

Aryn and Evan are hilarious, nerdy, and just all around ADORABLE. When I met them, we talked about beer, doctor who, and their wedding, which are like 3 of my favorite things. Aryn is not afraid to be goofy and Evan always knows how to make her smile. We had such a wonderful time photographing their amazing day at Triumph Brewing Company. We couldn’t be happier for them!

Aryn’s soft white lace heels were the perfect place to display her incredible emerald engagement ring!

We started off the day at the Morven Meuseum and Gardens in their amazing 18th century house for getting ready pictures. The property is absolutely stunning and the staff was so kind to let us explore for the best possible spots for pictures. The sun was shining and coming through the tall old panes of glass in the antique windows. Aryn and her girls giggled the whole time before the ceremony and she couldn’t wipe the smile off of her face.

While Aryn was finishing up her makeup, I walked across the property to the pool house to photograph the guys getting ready. Evan was so excited he couldn’t even focus, I love seeing how the grooms are feeling before the ceremony. He told me he just couldn’t wait to dance and drink beer at the reception, I couldn’t wait either ;). After the guys got suited up, we took some portraits of them then headed back to see Aryn get in her dress.

And of course, who doesn’t love a little Doctor Who at their wedding?

Aryn looked so elegant after slipping into her tulle A-line dress with floral lace. She was glowing and that big smile was still on her face. Her dress went perfectly with the garden ceremony. Evans face was the best, watching Aryn come down the isle. My favorite part of the ceremony was that everyone was asked to take off their shoes as a Celtic wedding tradition. This was symbolic of their connection to the earth. It was such a cool and unique tradition and was so “Them”.

After the ceremony was squeezed in some family portraits and everyone laughed and just wanted to hug them. Their family was so welcoming and fun, we really couldn’t wait to party with them! After finishing up family formals, we took a short 2 block drive over to the Princeton University Campus for some pictures of just Aryn and Evan. The sun had dipped just low enough for the perfect golden glow and their laughter was contagious.

We finished up on the campus and walked over to their reception at the Triumph Brewing Company. YES. You read that right. Their wedding was at Triumph Brewing Company in Princeton, NJ.…SO COOL. We walked in for cocktail hour and they had the best appetizers laying out on the bar, and the atmosphere was so fun. They started off with their first dances and everyone watched from all over the room, even the upstairs! Then they moved on to the speeches, which were so witty, hilarious, and so so sentimental. There were so many happy tears and belly laughs.

After some dancing and a beautiful dinner, we stole Aryn and Evan away for some pictures in Triumph Brewing Company! We got to sneak into the brewing tanks and get some really wicked shots. The events manager walked us through the entire brewing process. They even showed us where the brewed Aryn and Evan’s special  “Hoppy Ever After”  wedding day beer!

Aryn and Evan, we had such an incredible time celebrating and capturing your wedding at Triumph Brewing Company with you guys. Thank you for having us!