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Choosing the locations for your photoshoot can seem like a daunting task. Not only are there so many options in the area, but it’s also a lot to think about along with all the other things you have to think about when planning a family shoot!

  • “What do I want the location to look like?”
  • “How will I get my kids to cooperate?”
  • “Once we’re there, what are we going to do?”
  • “How are we not going to look awkward?”

Sound familiar? It does to me! I distinctly remember having all of these thoughts years ago when Andy and I were prepping for one of our first ever family lifestyle session. I loved the idea of it being at our home because that’s where we spent most of our time, but we also LOVE nature and being outside, so it was hard to decide. Wrapping my head around all the possibilities felt impossible. So we’ve created an easy guide to help you narrow down some locations ideas!

Lifestyle family photography ideas
Family Lifestyle Shoot location ideas

1. Think back to your favorite family memory. Where was it? What makes you love it?

This is a great place to start! When taking your family photos, we want to create authentic reactions and show your family exactly how it is, the good, the bad, and the funny!

Another great idea would be to use a location that your family has gone to before and loved or already created great memories at. It’s an easy way to make MORE memories, and this time have it captured on forever!

One of our family clients had a little one who was about a year old, and they wanted to capture their love for the water in their next family photoshoot! We started off at their house and took photos of the baby playing with his favorite toys and eating his favorite snacks. We even played his favorite game in his crib where mom and dad would pay peekaboo under a big blanket!

As the sun got a little lower and began to glow, we head around the block to get pictures at a little bay beach, and play in the sand and touch the water. The couple’s love for the water and the beach started before their little one was even around and was at the core of their love story. It was the perfect shoot location for their family and it captures their personalities so well!

Beach family photo shoot ideas
family beach photo ideas

2. If you all have a day off, and you want to pick an activity, what would it be?

This is a great way to create NEW memories while entertaining the whole family! When the sunflowers bloomed, we decided it was the perfect activity to visit the farm and capture some mommy and me photos! It was so fun to be able to clip some flowers, see the animals, and get our feet dirty, which is a totally normal thing for little Walter! Sarah packed some snacks and we had a perfect amount of space to let Walter run around and be himself. We got to explore and even got some momma snuggles as the sun got lower!

Sunflower field family photos
Sunflower field family photo ideas

3. Ask your kids what THEY’RE favorite thing to do with you is!

This is such a fun option. Picture this – You are 8 years old, and you’ve just gotten pulled out of school early and your parents say “Okay, pick three of your all-time favorite local family activities, and we’re going to do them RIGHT now.” Your little kid heart would explode with excitement, and you’d remember that day for the rest of your life.

For the Hluchy family, they got to bake brownies, play with mommy’s makeup, jump on mom and dad’s bed, have a tickle fight and then go outside for some pizza and ice cream! This was so fun to capture and you can see the kid’s excitement all over their faces.

The other best part of this shoot is the look of love and pride on mom and dad. They loved being able to spoil their kiddos, and as you grow up, isn’t that exactly what you want to remember most about your parents?

Home Ideas for family photos
Indoor family photoshoot inspiration
Indoor Family Photo ideas
Family Photoshoot ideas
I hope these tips give you some good ideas on what to do for your lifestyle family sessions, and takes the pressure off of you for a little bit! Of course, I am always here to help you decide if you need help, or have any questions about scheduling a session!

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